The past decade has witnessed remarkable growth in the ready-to-wear industry. India is now home to many international brands that offer the world's best business, evening and leisure wear in a retail environment that is truly global.

For the globally aspirational Indian, the world has come calling in his neighbourhood. A trend of fashion sensitive men taking to accessories that make a statement is in evidence. SKNL has been quick to build on the opportunity and has developed a five-tiered model for its foray into the sector. As a distinct market differentiator, SKNL offers the consumer 'Total Wardrobe Solutions' through its brands.

Total Wardrobe Solutions implies a complete offering in terms of formal, leisure, evening wear and accessories. This is in contrast to the prevalent practice of launching a limited range of products and reflects SKNL's understanding of the consumer.

The Company has positioned Reid & Taylor apparel brand in the premium men's wear market. This reinforces the existing premium positioning of the Reid & Taylor fabric brand. The brand is targeted at the discerning male customers who believe in the best and belong to the upper-end and upper-middle strata of the socio-economic segment. Reid & Taylor apparel offers two distinct lines of fashion - Legends (Formal wear) and Sport (Smart Casuals). Premium accessories like ties, belts and cufflinks complement these lines.

Belmonte’s range of ready-to-wear addresses the mid-premium consumer. The apparel is designed to meet the demands of the style conscious but value-driven young consumers. The key success factor is the creation of an intensive distribution network, which covers the top 100 cities in India backed by an efficient supply chain.

For the mid to low price segment the company offers S.Kumars ready-to-wear which is available across multi-brand outlets, exclusive brand outlets and value shops in select markets. This apparel range offers the value-for-money proposition that is synonymous with the S.Kumars brand.

Current Brands
Product Mix
  • Fabrics Solutions
    (Workday wear Fabrics)

  • Formal Suits, Blazers, Jackets, Casual Day Wear, Formal Business Trousers,
    Evening Wear Trousers, Casual Trousers, Formal Shirts, Evening Wear Shirts,
    Casual Shirts, Polos, Knits, Denim Shirts, Belts, Ties, Socks, Handkerchiefs,
    Cufflinks, Wallets and other accessories.
  • Pioneered the concept of Total Wardrobe Solutions
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