Reid & Taylor (India) Ltd., is a subsidiary of SKNL. Synonymous with British tradition, Reid & Taylor has been styling the world's elite for over 170 years. It all began in the 1830's with Alexander Reid, an enterprising Scottish gentleman, embarking on a journey to make his vision a reality. Using locally available Cheviot wool he created Cheviot cloth that soon caught on the fancy of the landed gentry. As the clientele and reputation grew, he was joined by financer Joseph Taylor. Thus, began the enduring partnership of creating finest cloths in the world, which today is better known as Reid & Taylor. Reid & Taylor continues the journey to create the finest fabric passionately and has thus carved out a distinguished name for itself in the industry.

Reid & Taylor was launched by SKNL in India in 1998 with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art fabric plant at Mysore. The discerning consumers in India now can experience international-quality garments in their own cities and towns. Today, Reid & Taylor has emerged as a leading brand in the worsted suiting segment.

Reid & Taylor is the first brand in India to offer both fabrics and apparel under one label. The fine quality of garments and sharp styling has created a space for itself in the customer’s mind.

The apparel range includes formal and casual daywear suits, jackets, trousers, shirts ties and accessories along with a wide selection of T-shirts, jeans, and other weekend wear. Produced by Reid & Taylor at a dedicated facility in Bangalore, the apparel range upholds the finest tradition of quality and cuts in outfitting.

Amitabh Bachchan, India's most well-recognised and admired film icon endorses the brand. The association with a Bollywood icon has translated into higher reach and stronger pull for the brand from the non-metro cities. High brand saliency and the positive affirmation from consumers has influenced demand in domestic market and the neighbouring countries.

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