The transformation of SKNL took place when Nitin Kasliwal took over the reins of his family run textiles business, of which SKNL was the flagship company. Since assuming control he has created a strong textiles focused company that is completely professional in structure and management. With a vision to clothe the world, SKNL is arguably the only Indian textiles player today that is operating across all fiber categories and market segments.

SKNL became a purely textiles and apparel company with no other businesses. With a strong focus on manufacturing especially it set up in addition to its existing manufacturing facilities in Dewas MP, a state of the art luxury suiting plant at Mysore in 1998. With over 4 units spread across these 2 locations, the company was set to achieve bigger heights.

Challenging circumstances not withstanding SKNL grew at a scorching pace. It developed a wide distribution network of more than 30,000 agents and dealers. Its deep penetration in all retail formats helped it ride the boom in consumer spending and growth of organised retail.

To keep pace with brisk growth in business, teams were strengthened and infrastructure modernized. Offices, plants, machinery were updated in line with the growth outlined for the company.

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