Consumer Textiles include Uniforms, Work-Wear and Suitings made from blended polyester viscose and polyester cotton fabrics. Belmonte, the mid premium menswear brand offers a wide range of polyester and viscose blend fabrics for office, leisure and evening wear. Uniformity by Belmonte offers work-wear and uniform fabric while S.Kumars offers work-wear and daily wear for the common man.

SKNL provides unparalleled range of Uniform fabrics for schools, the armed forces, hospitals, airlines and a host of other industries. Its plain weave blends of polyester viscose and polyester cotton are available in more than 150 classic shades, the largest spectrum of colors available.

SKNL offers lightweight, durable, polyester viscose work wear available in several different weaves and shades. This range comes with specially developed attributes like wrinkle-free and moisture-absorbent fabrics for easy maintenance and comfort. To complete the perfect work wardrobe, the company also produces a vast range of polyester viscose, polyester cotton and high-end spun shirting materials. Solids, checks and stripes vie for attention in an impressive range of shades.

SKNL exports blended fabrics to United Kingdom, Middle East, East Africa, Syria, Europe and Latin America. The company has successfully increased its presence in the blended suiting market by producing and marketing quality products.

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